A ministry of God's love to the people of Pakistan

Christian Fellowship of Pakistan

The vision of CFP is to win the lost by spreading the love of God through all of its ministries that are designed to help and uplift the needy people in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a heavily populated country with more than 190 million people. 96% of Pakistan’s population is Islamic (Muslim). It is the second largest Islamic country in the world. More than 60% of the population is illiterate. 65% of the population is extremely poor.

Christian Fellowship of Pakistan (CFP) was started in 1975.  It is registered with the government of Pakistan as a Christian organization. CFP was founded by Pastor Nathaniel Barkat, who is also the chairman of CFP. Pastor Barkat has been in Christian ministry since 1959. He started in full time Christian ministry in 1962 and pastored several churches before he founded CFP. CFP has been involved in evangelistic ministry, planting churches and helping the poor in Pakistan.

Now CFP has more than 20 churches that are reaching out to thousands of people, a school where almost 250 poor children receive free education, an orphanage that has 83 orphans, and a technical training school to train the poor community to make their living. CFP has been involved in helping widows on a monthly basis and feeding poor families.  CFP has distributed hundreds of thousands of pounds of food since December 2004 to thousands of poor, widows and orphans  People have been greatly blessed through these food outreaches and as a result churches have increased in numbers. A major Earthquake recently devastated the Northwest region of Pakistan. More than a hundred thousand lost their lives, more than 2.5 million people became homeless and thousands of children became orphans. CFP was able to go into the worst hit areas to show the love of Christ through distribution of tons of food, hundreds of blankets and quilts, thousands of liters of water and milk and more than 300 tents. We are continuing to help the people in the Northwest region.