Christian Fellowship of Pakistan

A ministry of God's love to the people of Pakistan

The vision of CFP is to win the lost by spreading the love of God through all of its ministries that are designed to help and uplift the needy people in Pakistan.

The future plans of CFP are to build schools, orphanages and medical clinics in Pakistan. We would like to develop the Bible College into a leadership training center.

The Children’s Home is one of CFP ministries that is educating the poor children whose parents can hardly provide food and shelter to them so giving an education is impossible for them. The main purpose of this ministry is to impart the love of God in children. The reason that CFP wants to do this is to educate the children to love all humanity, people of all races, religions and cultures.

There are thousands of villages in Pakistan where medical facilities are in scarcity. And if there are any medical facilities, they are not good. CFP wants to reach these villages with good medical facilities, so the poor community can be relieved. CFP also wants to take food to the poor community on a regular basis. The leadership of CFP is praying and believing God for funds, equipment and food to minister to the needy people of Pakistan.     

Pakistan is in desperate need of educated leaders.  CFP plans to develop its Bible College into a leadership training center where leaders will be trained not just from Pakistan but also from other Islamic countries.  CFP wants to reach out to the whole Islamic world with the love of Jesus Christ. 

Please pray and stand with CFP to accomplish all that God has called us to do. 

Future Plans of Christian Fellowship of Pakistan